SSCE exhibitor intake form

Please include all of the following items:

  • Company logo (300 dpi jpg)
  • Popup Display Art Vertical image, 468px x1120px (jpg)
  • Table Skirt Art Horizontal Image, 1104px x 515px (jpg)
  • Short Company Description (txt)
  • Long Company Description (txt)
  • Raffle Prize description and value, photo if available (jpg)
  • Photo of presenter, 600px x 600px (jpg)
  • 3-5 takeaways from presentation (txt)
  • Slide deck, PowerPoint or video of presentation (ppt)
  • Up to 6 images for photo gallery (jpg)
  • Any PDF brochures (pdf)
  • 2-minute video or link to YouTube video (mp4)
  • Longer demonstration video(s) (mp4)
  • High resolution image of one of your ships (jpg)
SSCE Intake Form

Upload files as specified. You may upload multiple files at once, and you may upload files over time as you have them ready for publication.

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

I confirm that all submitted materials can be used by Small Ship Crusing Expo which include the necessary copyrights and licenses