Small Ship Cruising Expo

September 2021

Live events are one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience and turn them into sales. Introducing the best way to host live virtual events you’ll ever know!

Benefits of participating in Small Ship Cruising Expo™

  • Fully branded virtual booth with your logo, signage, brochures, and videos that you provide.
  • 2-way live video chat with your representative during the event.
  • Live scheduled presentations for each supplier which will be recorded for future playback.
  • Automatically track every click from visitors to your booth or attend your presentation.
  • Invitations to fully qualified travelers by email, social media and press.
  • Directory listing and Deck Plan (Floor Plan) listing linking to your booth by visitors.
  • Event is live for one day and stays open to attendee for online follow up for 30 days.
  • No selling at the event. All inquiries will be followed up promptly by our exclusive travel agency, Krayton Travel, Small Ship Cruising Specialists in Colorado.
  • See what suppliers said about our last Expo™ here

For Exhibitors

Why Small Ship Cruising Expo™?

  • Save time and money
  • Low cost for entry with great ROI
  • No hotels
  • No airfare or car rental
  • No per diem costs
  • No shipping
  • No load-in or load-out fees.
  • No furniture rental, cleaning, electrical or internet fees.
  • Reps can participate remotely from anywhere there is wi-fi.

Standard Showrooms / Booths

Floorplan and Directory Listing with:

  • Automatically track every visitor to your booth!
  • Your logo and cover image
  • An introduction video
  • Multiple images to showcase your products
  • A text description
  • Contact information
  • A button to schedule a live call or product demonstration (or if you prefer, a link to live zoom chat)
  • Demonstrate your offerings on the conference stage!
  • All presentations are recorded for additional exposure

Sounds great, so how much will this cost?

Normally a virtual event with our engaging, interactive and easy-to-use software would be a minimum of $1500 per booth,but due to Covid and the many issues yet to be resolved in world travel, we are encouraging you to participate now. To do that we are offering you a booth at our cost of $750 if you reserve your booth by August 15, 2021. If you come on board later that’s fine, however the cost will need to increase to $900 for last minute artwork.

Watch the video demo!