The Lowry Conference Center
, 1061 Akron Way, Denver, CO 80230, is centrally located just 30 minutes from Denver International Airport and 15 minutes from downtown Denver. The Conference Center is adjacent to the Community College of Denver Campus. Ample Free Parking.

Exhibitors will get an Exhibitor’s 2’x 8’ table, one chair for the Exhibitor and 2 chairs for Attendees. There is also room
for one pop-up floor display, logo’d table skirt and table top literature. Table location requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis but not guaranteed. There is electricity for each table, plus free WI-FI for Exhibitors is included. Below is the Expo Hall layout.

Exhibitor Presentations

There is a separate presentation room with theater seating for 30. There is a screen and projector. You will need to
bring your laptop, presentation and HDMI connector. Each Exhibitor will have 1 presentation of approximately 15 minutes, with 5 minutes in between for setup and take-down. We will announce the presentations over the PA in the Expo Hall.

Presentation times will be every 20 minutes (3 – 15 minute sessions per hour). Times can be requested, but not
guaranteed. Time slots will be assigned on a first-come, first paid basis and announce the week of the live Expo.

Since you will bring brochures with all the details, please avoid showing just pictures of cabins and food in your deck.
Please focus instead on stories from your founders, your personal sailing experiences and the experiences of other cruisers. Attendees want to buy your unique cruise experiences. Give them reasons to do that. Offer tips to the Attendees for considering your cruises and your unique sailing propositions. Attendees will be visiting many cruise lines at the Expo and they need key reasons to select yours. Please offer your Expo specials during your talk, too.  Disparaging talk about the other Exhibitors is not permitted. Focus on your strengths. Due to limited time, please encourage Attendees to visit you back on the Expo floor to answer their personal questions after the presentation.

(Note: we will have SSCE staff at your Expo table during your presentation).
Your live presentation will be recorded and will posted on the Expo site for 30 days after the event for the virtual Attendees.

In addition to brochures and literature, all Exhibitors are welcome to offer candy, packaged snacks or bottled water to
Attendees at their own discretion and cost. You may also offer branded swag as gifts.

Door Prizes

Every Exhibitor needs to provide a nice door prize for Attendees. We will showcase the door prizes on a table in the
Expo Hall. Attendees of the live Expo will complete an Expo Passport. They must visit each Exhibitor’s table and get a stamp on their passport. Please chat with all the Attendees before giving the stamp, but Exhibitors may use their discretion on how you want to offer your stamp.

All the passports containing all Exhibitors’ stamps will then be eligible for the door prize drawings at the end of the
live event. A winner will be randomly drawn to win each one of the Exhibitor door prizes. The verified winner does not need to be present to win.

Food & Lodging

Smoking is prohibited in the Expo Hall. Lunch and water will be provided for all Exhibitors. Please let us know if you
have any dietary restrictions. There will also be a food truck at the event offering food and beverages for sale to all in attendance. There is a soft drink vending machine on the site, too.

Transportation and lodging are the Exhibitor’s responsibility and expense. Nearby lodging options can be found at

Hours and Shipping

The Expo will be live on Saturday, April, 2, 2022. The Expo Hall will be open to Attendees from 10 am to 4 pm. You will
have access to the Expo Hall for setup at 9 am on the day of the event. And you will have until 5 pm to take down your Exhibit and repack your materials. The Expo Hall will close at 5 pm. You must attend to your table from 10 am to 4 pm.

For the live event, you may pre-ship your materials to the Lowry Conference Center up to one week before the event.
Send it to:

Small Ship Cruising Expo
/o Lowry Conference Center
1061 Akron Way

Denver, CO 80230

The Lowry Conference Center can return ship any left over materials for you. You will need to repack what you want shipped and
provide a pre-paid shipping label for all packages. There will be trash barrels for things you don’t want after the event. Note: All items that are left behind and not repacked and labeled for shipping will be thrown out.

Virtual Expo
The Small Ship Cruising Expo will continue as a virtual event until May 2, 2022. All Exhibitors for the Live Event will also
have a virtual Exhibit at the Virtual Expo. Note: There may be other Exhibitors that will participate in the Virtual Expo only.

Each Exhibitor in the Virtual Expo will have a virtual booth that will include your recorded video presentation from the
live Expo, including a photo and bio of the presenter. We will also post your PDF brochures and special Expo offer PDFs in your booth. Plus you may post any images or videos for your itineraries, ships or other media messages from your cruise line. Each virtual booth also includes an Exhibitor page, so we need a description of your cruise line and your logos.

After you register, we will forward a link with the items and dimensions of all the things you will need to provide not
later than March 15, 2022. Art for the virtual Expo must be provided on time to give allow our designers to build your booth pages. Late arriving media is subject to $75 fee for rush art.

See below for a sample of your virtual booth which will be customized for each Exhibitor’s branding.

Exhibitor Pricing

We are excited to have you participate in the Small Ship Cruising Expo

Type Rate

  • Exhibitor at Live Expo (includes Virtual Expo) US $900.00
  • Exhibitor at Virtual Expo (does not include Live Expo) US $700.00
  • Sponsorship and Advertising options are available on request.