About Small Ship Cruising Expo

Small Ship Cruising Expo is a  joint venture between Krayton Travel  and WebStores Ltd. This arrangement came about because WebStores Ltd was helping clients prepare for making the most of different shows and virtual events during the Covid-19 pandemic. But we soon uncovered a dismal reality – most virtual shows fall short of physical trade shows. There is limited interaction between attendees and exhibitors. In fact, visitors are often distracted because they aren’t in front of you.

Virtual trade shows are often used as a way to simply have a one-way flow of information, from the vendor to the consumer. You aren’t sure who stopped by your booth or what actions they took.  WebStores Ltd, decide to change all that.

But we needed a specific market and theme to test the proprietary systems we had been developing. Krayton Travel had the perfect type of market that WebStores Ltd was looking for: experiences that can’t be touched, smelled or tasted at a physical show. Plus, the pandemic actually made people long for vacations even more after being stuck at home for over a year.

Cruises are perfect for virtual shows because they are intangible until the trip is actually taken. By providing the two-way interaction between vendors and attendees, combined with conferences, data-tracking, and the ability to reach a large nationwide audience, the WebStores ltd solution was an ideal fit.

We have combined the industry experience of Krayton Travel with the technical background of WebStores to bring you the finest virtual trade show solution available.